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Cold Like Alaska is the debut album of Cameroon based rapper Blueprint Hakeem. After getting into the Cameroon hi-hop scene as early as 2011, with his first single online, Daddy Hate Ma Swagger produced by Lacho Boii, Hakeem has been on a chain of single releases coupled with videos, from the much loved Daddy Hate Ma Swagger 2012, to Ma Head Di Hot ft his younger brother YOUNG FAME 2013, and other videos like Ngomgham Bwaii in 2014, Hakeem set to release his first album (9 tracks) that will help stamp his name as one of the rappers the Cameroon rap game have to look up to. With skill out of this world, he compiles 9 songs. From love to tragedy and afro dance, with his anthem lines being the praises unto his neighborhood Ngomgham, this album is pure hiphop. Lyrically he is on another level. His words and tongue so flexible he bounced on just anything that sounds. Production for the album came in from big hands like Sangtum, Blahk Santa, Lacho Boii, Gee Reign, DJ Hopkins and a host of others. even though this albums release period was saddened by a sudden anglophone crisis in Cameroon, it still managed to be talked about immediately the massive internet cut was reinstalled. Fans now have the chance to savour every bit of this soldiers hardcore raps and love stories. Cold Like Alaska is a MUST HAVE album. get it for free here.

Blueprint Hakeem is not new to the Cameroon music scene. He’s had successes with singles like Ma Head DI Hot and Ngomgham Bwaii. These have made Blueprints household name in his home town and with this LP, he plans to extend his reach further to all corners of Cameroon and across the world.

Cold Like Alaska is a classic hip hop album. Blueprint is pure hip hop. However, with this album, Blueprint shows us his versatility on tracks that are heavily Afrobeat (like Sui Mbom) and R&B tinged tracks like Aaliyah Song and TC. Blueprint tells stories in songs that make you question society as a whole and its responsibilities to children; as well as songs that uplift you in celebration. His writing is his best asset.

“In my opinion, my sound will seem empty if my lyrics, story, flow…are not out of the box”

Some of the finest producers in Cameroon were tapped into crafting this album, including DJ Chuucss, Zeero, Fresh Fingerz, DjHop, Dijay Pazzo, Gee Reign, Chabizee and Gohhprime. Their diversity and style is clearly woven together by Hakeem’s unique style of delivery to give you an album that moves you and is easy on the ears.
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The first single off this LP is Abongwa; a touching song about a child’s despair in not being able to go to school. The ease with which Hakeem tells such a complex story and the twist in the story will make you want to take a second listen.

“With Abongwa, I wanted to fit myself in a struggling child’s shoes and see where it hurts. I plan to continue to tell Abongwa’s story in subsequent albums…this is the first part of the story”. Blueprint Hakeem.
Abongwa will be released as a single on the 14th of November and a video will follow shortly.

“I am excited about this mini LP. I hope that the fans will take to it and get to walk with me through an exciting journey of love, hurt and joy. I am looking forward to their feedback and can’t wait to have an opportunity to meet them and perform tracks off the album” Blueprint Hakeem.

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